Pickover and the Rise of Cerebral Realities

MedixIn Clifford Pickover’s psychedelic book, The Beginner’s Guide to Immortality, he describes possible cerebrally oriented realities which may exist in the future. These realities involve everything from existing as brains and spinal columns suspended in liquid to uploading our brains and therefore our realities to computers and living within a virtual world while our bodies are allowed to decay and die off. Many scientists have studied the future possibilities, citing our past discoveries and technological advances as proof that in the future we will be pretty much able to do anything. Of course, the question then becomes, how will people protect themselves from hackers or those who wish to cause others harm?

This is the same question that companies face today. Drug testing in Western Australia still exists today, and there is a reason for that. While technology is increasing rapidly and giving people better and better options for their future and their present for that matter, they are still abusing drugs and alcohol to help them to escape from their emotional inability to handle their own lives, no matter how simple or easy those lives might be.

It seems that advances in technology, as well as those in cerebral realities, will have to fairly soon involve advances in emotional intelligence and helping the individual to build their own emotional maturity, whether or not they were taught how to do so during their childhood by responsible adults. In the meantime, we can only control our workplace environment through the studied, practiced and thorough use of regular employee drug and alcohol testing on the jobsite.

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