Picking a Mentor

A mentor is someone who facilitates your growth, who has in the past shared the same goals which you have now, and who has succeeded in those endeavors enough times and to such a sufficient extent that they qualify as a master in those areas. Essentially, it is the relationship between an apprentice and a master of any craft.

Tom Ganser talks about this, describing how selection of mentors for teachers should be in a pool that has already been designed and which mentors can join, if they wish. Mentoring can be a really time consuming process, and if you are not sure of what you’re getting yourself into, then you can really wear yourself out or use undesired resources in helping your protégée. And as for picking a mentor, you must be careful to delineate to the prospective mentor all that you can think of that you will need or could potentially need. While teaching is just one example of a profession in which you would need to be mentored, this process applies to other mentorships, as well, since the relationship between the mentor and the apprentice would still have the same dynamics. You can spend a great deal of time with your mentor, and if your personalities clash, then you are not likely to utilize the wisdom that they have to give you.

The normal process of mentor protégée interaction involves three steps. First, there is the teaching, where the mentor acts as a teacher and gives information which the apprentice would not otherwise be aware of. Second, the stage of mutual growth and application, where both the mentor and the student work together and grow together, and this can be a high level of productivity and this can last for years. Finally, in the end, there is a separation of mentor and apprentice, which typically occurs when the student thwarts the master in some way, either by outdoing them or working alone on their project.

Unfortunately, many apprentices at this point stop allowing themselves to be mentored, because they have mastered their topic. However, true growth resides in continually finding and implementing new and better and more experienced masters of your craft. CMM Technology practices the craft of supplying high quality employee drug and alcohol testing equipment to you and your business, and we are partnered with Mediscreen, which engages in onsite drug testing for companies all over Australia. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.


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