Physiological Side Effects of Drug Abuse

When you are giving your employees drug tests for their workingDrug testing requirements, you are doing so much more than protect your company and all of your assets. You are helping them with their physical and emotional health. What do we mean by this? The tying of emotions to the physical body is part of physiology, and low emotional intelligence, along with supported means of abuse such as drug abuse or alcoholism, can create repercussions in both the mind and in the body through multiple means. When you implement employee drug testing, you are helping to keep your employees from melding their weaknesses together into one large ball of scar tissue.

Psychologically, drug abuse and alcohol abuse weaken the body’s ability to defend itself against physical and emotional onslaught, not to mention it strengthens the mind’s tendency to engage in self destructive thinking. In other words, these physiological side effects (which tie the emotional and the physical together) compound the problem, rather than allowing the individual to break up their emotional and physical issues separately and in small increments so that they are manageable and easy to deal with. The largeness and the compounding of the problem also foster hopelessness, or the belief that if you should break these small problems up and gradually eliminate them that they will spring back up and cause further damage later on. In other words, the compounding of the problem fosters the sense that emotional or physical issues will never really go away, and will just keep coming back, so there is no point in fixing those problems in the first place. This mentality, in turn, leads to the individual not actually looking for a permanent solution to their issue. They believe that only temporary solutions are available, and so they seek to fix them with drugs and alcohol, which are notoriously temporary and unstable.

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