Permaculture in Today’s Eco System

Permaculture can be both short for “permanent agriculture” and “permanent culture” because it both creates sustainable harvesting Permaculture in Today’s Eco Systemand planting techniques for indefinite growth, as well as defining the multi-generational growth and maintenance of family land.

There is desertification of land all over the world and this loss of soil, water and vegetation is rather alarming. This is not due to climate change, but it can certainly bring out climate change, since the carbon in soil is not kept in the ground and used by the plants, but rather released into the atmosphere.

The purpose of “permaculture” is to establish a permanent agricultural setting where plants are kept green and all rainfall is retained and there is permanent sustainability which is self sustaining, rather than needing constant reinforcement or reinvestment in order to keep growing.

ToxSure saliva drug tests and Lifeloc FC10 breathalyser devices by CMM Technology are meant to be used as tools to evaluate your business and give you information on how fit for duty your employees are. This is meant to sustain the culture of your business, bringing people in and keeping them in who are competent, worthy of your business, and independently minded.

An independent employee is one of the most valuable assets you have, because they stay for the job itself, and not just for the paycheck. Employee drug testing is a step in success, and business who use CMM Technology screening tests are working on becoming more sustainable and on increasing their company life expectancy. That is a valuable attribute to bring into your company.

Workers come and go, and low quality employees tend to have a higher turnover rate than high quality employees, so it is in your best interest to really feel out what your staff can and cannot handle, and this is where screening tests come in. Make sure your workers can handle the job of being full time, long term, high quality employees. It takes responsibility, both to themselves and to you, as their boss.

Evaluation is always a part of the sustainability process, and this type of evaluation is based upon science and the efficacy of our products. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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