Perceived Control

Something as intangible as perceived control is not usually discussed in something as tangible as a drug and alcohol testing forum, but the two subjects are closely related. Humans have a high need to define their own empires or self defined worlds, if you will, and with this need comes a very real desire to have peace and security in the knowledge that nobody else can do this. In simpler terms, we want to run our own lives and feel confident that we can do this without anyone else interfering. This confidence usually comes when we gain new positions of power or new levels of self realization or individuation.

Now that we have established the perimeters of perceived control, i.e. that perceived growth in ranking and in social status is directly tied to one’s ability to control their own environment, it would be a good idea to discuss possible ways to heighten this perception. Often, job promotion, measurable increases in income, perceived safety and security of one’s own riches and home environment, as well as artistic ability all contribute to perceived growth in ranking and in social status. Why are these important with regard to drug and alcohol testing?

When someone loses their perceived control over their own environment, the appropriate reactions to said loss are anger, violence, vengeance, and other forms of frustration or attempts to regain this perception of control. Since many of these options are forbidden in a workplace environment, many employees enjoy an alcoholic beverage or some type of illicit recreational drug abuse after work every day or just on the weekends. Unfortunately, they may not be factoring in the possibility that these substances can become so addictive that they will feel the need to abuse them before or during working hours, thus endangering themselves and their coworkers.

Workplace drug testing and alcohol breathalyser devices are important in maintaining a tolerable working environment for your employees, especially when their time in your company covers most of the day. For more information on employee drug and alcohol testing, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.,8599,1919910,00.html

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