People Skills

We all have people skills, but to varying degrees and in widely varying areas. For instance, we may like to have one on one chats with someone Urine drug testwith whom we are very close, or we may like to be the center of attention in a large crowd. There may be a great deal of verbal information movement within a group of people, or there may be almost no movement of information because the people involved prefer to keep to themselves.

People skills are what make an employee marketable and what makes their leadership abilities really shine. Without these abilities, companies would be run by individuals who know how to run numbers but who have no idea how to engage and motivate their teams.

In business, people skills are developed to different degrees, and employee substance abuse is more likely to happen at the lowest levels of the business, among workers who are unskilled or just starting out. When it comes to disagreements or ways of handling bad news, those cannot do it are usually the ones who are abusing substances on the side. The correlation between the two is high because people feel better and have far less stress when they are surrounded by a strong support system of people who love and care about them.

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