Our Budget Cannot Support Regular Substance Abuse Testing: What Do We Do?

Occasionally, you will be faced with the all-too-unpleasant situation of running out of honey at your lemonade stand. Whether this situation is due to a recession or your accountant has gone AWOL, it should not greatly affect your business operations. There are several steps you can take in order to keep things calmed down and running smoothly.

First, if you already have drug and alcohol testing in place, you can reduce cost simply by altering your annual scheduling plan. Testing less frequently is far better than not testing at all, and will give you more revenue with which to pick your business back up. It is important to remember that your company has already established an expectation of appropriate behavior in the workplace and that removing testing altogether could be seen as managerial weakness. Also, the environment of your business makes quite an effect on how drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is implemented. In a paper on substance abuse testing, Hanson describes how different work cultures view and react to testing in various ways. [1] If your business is in a high stress or high risk industry, you might find that testing in the workplace is not viewed with as much alacrity as testing within a relatively safe industry.

If you have not yet employed drug and alcohol testing in your business, you may be interested to know that it is highly recommended, due to the stability it encourages among your staff. Budgetary restrictions are not simply about cost and gain, but about employee consistency. Instability creates high employee turnover, slower and lower quality productivity, carelessness in the workplace, mismanagement of client relations and inconsistent delivery of company goals. Drug and alcohol testing is not simply about making sure that your staff members do not show up to meetings while they are high as a kite. It is about lowering the risk and potential risk of company failure. It is an active asset.

Determine what IS available for company investment in drug and alcohol testing. Make sure that you understand all fees and deductions. Ask questions about issues of which you are not sure. Work with your testing company to make sure that prices are set and policies are kept. Order quality drug and alcohol testing equipment from CMM Technology and consider onsite testing to reduce costs even further. Contact CMM Technology today: +618-9204-2500.

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