One More Time

If you have ever lived with or tried to help an addict, you have heard the phrase, “One more time.” Just one more time, they say, seeking to gain your acceptance of their abusive behavior. It is impossible to help an addict with their disease. Only they can make the change and only they can turn their lives around. Nobody else can do this work for them, even if they really want to do this. One more time, you will hear, and then they will be finished with their drug of choice forever. They say this as if their addiction will go out with a bang and a roar, with a brilliant colorful finale, and a sense of accomplishment about a job well done and an event successfully executed.

Their addiction will not go out with a bang, like they claim that it will. It will go out very quietly, silent in the decision and purpose set before them, determined to grow new and wonderful things in their future, and leave the roar of the sickness behind them.

Employee drug testing is seen by many hardcore addicts as a type of discrimination against those who are easy going and enjoy a relaxed view of life. Functioning alcoholics and drug addicts know this a little better and understand that there is some type of barrier being placed, but the author has seen that they are not always sure why this barrier has been placed. And individuals who are just starting an abusive lifestyle attempt, to the best of their ability, to balance between their abusive lifestyle and their place of employment. Fortunately, they often resist the temptation of abusing drugs if a system is already in place which draws a line in between what is best for the company and such abuse. Employees who have only just started abusive behavior are able to understand and appreciate that if they enjoy going to their jobs every day, they need to control their own urges to escape.

Workplace drug testing is in place to act as this barrier and to encourage your employees to live functional lives, instead of unsafe lives. Employee drug and alcohol screening is possible through the equipment offered by CMM Technology. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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