On the Road Again…

Roadside saliva drug testing is now a key feature of traffic policing in virtually all jurisdictions in Australia. And road fatalities and injuries are a feature of Australian life. Our expansive island continent is criss-crossed with desert roads and highways, riparian lanes and inner city expressways. From the rough rocks of the Tanami Track, to the tarred bitumen of the cities, roads and road transport is a feature of work life, heavy industry, recreation, and economics. They lie at the heart of our financial and business security.

And safety on our roads is of course, of the essence. The recent research into roadside drug-testing has gradually been adopted in practice, by all police jurisdictions except for the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory. In the various states, small vehicle drivers can be subject to random saliva testing, along with heavy vehicle drivers. In the case of The Northern Territory, drug testing was implemented in a limited capacity in 2008, with random saliva-testing for prohibited drugs being used in the case of drivers of all heavy-vehicles of 4.5tonnes gross vehicle mass, or over. [1]

Roadside drug testing tends to focus on a few central illicit substances:

  • THC—the active ingredient in cannabis
  • Methylamphetamine—also known as speed and ice
  • MDMA—the active ingredient in ecstasy.

While many testing kits focus on these three drugs, CMM Technology offers saliva testing products that also detect opiates and cocaine. Its three convenient saliva testing units, The Securetec Drugwipe 5+, The iScreen Saliva Drug Test and The Oraline® Saliva Drug Test are renowned for their ease of use, convenience and accuracy. Particularly cost-effective, the simple application of The Oraline® Saliva Drug Test has been used on the Australian market for many years and “can be completed almost anywhere, anytime. It is ideal for pre-screening at remote sites, workplace, roadside or office and will detect the recent use of Marijuana for up to 8 hours after use.”[2]

Roadside drug testing is an essential feature of jurisdictional policing of our roads, nationally. It is accurate, safe and far less intrusive and easy to use than other testing procedures out in the field and allows our police forces to conduct their drug testing in conjunction with their RBT’s. And what is particularly beneficial is the deterrent effect this system has on the driving population. The ROSITA-2 Study, states in its concluding findings, that “the experience in the state of Victoria in Australia shows that random roadside oral fluid testing of drivers for methamphetamine and cannabis has a deterrent effect.”[3]

If you require high quality saliva drug-testing units that are reliable, efficient and cost-effective, telephone CMM Technology on 08 9204 2500.

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