Office Gossip and Office Productivity

Drug test Kits, Drug Test, Drug TestingOffice gossip has a bad reputation for causing dissention and drama in a professional workplace. Many people put it down and refuse to engage in office politics, but even more people gleefully engage in it. So which is the correct answer? Are office politics that bad, or do they serve some sadistic but useful purpose in the workplace?

This is a good question. Let us look at both sides of the issue.

On one hand, workplace gossip is destructive. When someone has something embarrassing or inappropriate happen to them, rumors can make them out to appear quite ridiculous or weak. When there is constant negative drama, this can create a workplace environment which employees dread going to in the morning. In addition to that, negative drama can become too intense and too long-winded and spill over into client accounts or be overheard by patients. It can disturb the peace of the jobsite, which is difficult enough to maintain under typical conditions, especially in workplaces where a large number of people interact on a daily basis. It can be almost impossible to avoid drama.

On the other hand, workplace drama can serve a useful purpose. For example, everyone needs a little drama in their lives, but positive drama is rarely utilized. Office gossip serves to facilitate communication between employees who do not know each other very well. It informs coworkers of significant events in each other’s lives. It provides a support network. In truth, it is a bit like running a small country. There will always be at least two parties on every issue discussed, and there will always be pros and cons bandied back and forth between your employees. Office gossip facilitates ideas being thrown around a room, perfected, dismissed, and implemented. This, in turn, leads to innovation. Not to mention the fact that it can facilitate communication between employees.

Unfortunately, office drama can work its way inward when someone has a reputation or a former reputation for alcohol or drug abuse. In that circumstance, it is always good to have some scientific documentation to back up or thwart the latest rumors. Employee drug and alcohol testing is a part of that movement. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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