Off With Their Heads!

Oraline SalivaIn the globally popular children’s story, Alice in Wonderland, the fickle red queen is known to often shout, “Off with their heads!” It is, of course, meant to show the worse side of humanity and how shallow and fickle people can really be. If anything, it shows the conscious mind in people, whereas the rest of Wonderland depicts the subconscious mind, which works flawlessly if left alone by the conscious mind.

Some individuals can look at their employers and say the same thing about them. Some bosses have a reputation for being…well, not fair so much as self serving and highly disinterested in the affairs of others. This kind of neglect, with small amounts of dictatorship mixed in just for fun, really makes employees nervous and always in fear of losing their jobs.

Urine drug tests and saliva drug tests are sold by CMM Technology, in order to supply drug testing in Western Australia. Unfortunately, not every employer uses employee drug testing, but the better bosses really do want to protect both their businesses and their workers by using screening tests on a regular basis. For this purpose, we here at CMM Technology highly recommend our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6, which is one of our urine drug tests with an adulterant test built right in. These products protect your business in many ways, but mostly it protects employees and passersby from other workers and it protects your company assets.

Many businesses find that employees who seek to get past company policy and abuse substances while at work also attempt to get past the rules by embezzling or outright thievery, by the use of threats or bribes, and may even sell said drugs in the workplace, too. The whole matter is really sordid, and it should be avoided if possible. Employee drug testing helps you to make sure that all of your wonderful employees are busy doing their work instead of hurting themselves with substance abuse while on the job.

You are not a dictator if you use screening tests in the workplace. Any similarities with the red queen would only appear if you were disinterested in the welfare of your employees, which we know is not true. Call CMM Technology today for more information: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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