Occupations that deal with critical safety

Recently, the ‘National Standard for Licensing Persons Performing High Risk Work’ (the Licensing Standard) replaced the ‘National Occupational Health and Safety Certification Standard for Users and Operators of Industrial Equipment’ [NOHSC:1006 (2001)]. Jobs that require this ‘High Risk’ licence include:

• Scaffolding – basic, intermediate and advanced

• Rigging work – dogging; basic, intermediate and advanced rigging

• Crane and hoist operation – tower; self-erecting tower; derrick; portal boom; bridge and gantry; vehicle loading; non slewing mobile; slewing; materials hoist; personnel and materials hoist; boom-type elevating work platform; vehicle mounted concrete placing boom

• Forklift operation – forklift trucks; order-picking forklift trucks

• Pressure equipment operation – basic, intermediate and advanced boiler operation; turbine operation; reciprocating steam engine operation.

CMM Technology currently provides the following ‘High Risk’ licences.

  • CLASS SCAFFOLDING SB Basic Scaffolding
  • CLASS RIGGING DG Dogging RB Basic Rigging
  • CLASS CRANE CB Bridge and Gantry Crane CV Vehicle Loading Crane CN Non Slewing Crane C2 Slewing Mobile Cranes (up to 20 tonnes) C6 Slewing Mobile Cranes (up to 60 tonnes) WP Boom type Elevating Platform

Due to the identified safety risk associated with these jobs, OHS professionals highly recommend drug and alcohol testing to help further improve safety measures (as outlined in the AIRC’s Caltex ruling of 19 October 2009).

If you require more information regarding these licences, or would like to book a training course,  call CMM Technology today on (+618) 9204 2500.

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