Nostalgia and the Start of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is blamed on many different things, not the least of which includes bad childhood, abusive parents, violent or Nostalgia and Nostalgia and the Start of Alcohol Addictionthe Start of Alcohol Addictionabusive teen years, and high stress. However, it is not very many scientific studies which have done on something as psychologically relevant but scientifically mundane as nostalgia.

Nostalgia is Greek for “old pain” or the “pain you feel from an old wound.” This is, of course, very relevant because it refers to how your heart feels when you view your old childhood playground. It refers to the pain you feel when you look at your old wedding photos, or unpack your child’s toy from a box which has been stored in the attic for twenty years.

Alcoholism originating in nostalgia typically begins as a form of coping after losing a loved one, be it through death or a romantic break up or a family feud. Whatever the case may be, you are still confined to the past and your heart feels that “old pain” from yesterday.

Thus, to remember better, you drink some alcohol. If this feels good enough, you may even get drunk in the same evening. If the pleasure from this experience is high enough, you may indulge in a little reminiscing a second time this week.

Over time, the process becomes more and more involved, where you recount stories to anyone who will listen and generally make a fool of yourself. Rinse and repeat. You have begun your journey into alcoholism.

Workers can reminisce all they want, but they shouldn’t be doing this with any alcohol while at work or before arriving at work. CMM Technology provides you with the alcohol tests which you utilize to monitor your employees. Your breathalyser devices should be recalibrated, and that is what our recalibration service is for. Also, we provide really high quality breathalyser devices, including our popular Lifeloc FC10. These are all part of a regular, healthy employee testing program. Screening programs are part of normal company policies and procedures. You must be able to control what happens with your business walls. Nostalgia can be good, but it can also encourage reminiscing in an inebriated state, which is inappropriate for business professionalism. Call CMM Technology today to order from us: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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