Nonlinear Equations

Nonlinear EquationsNonlinear equations are equations which, once a number has been altered or replaced in the equation, do not follow a predictable pattern for the outcome. This is due to the fact that nonlinear equations border on the edge between order and chaos, and they tend to result in infinite and repeatable mathematical sequences. This is the type of equation which produces beautiful and complex fractal patterns in computer imagery. The famous Mandelbrot set is a nonlinear equation, just as other types of repeatable patterns on multiple levels. The interesting factor about nonlinear equations is that you cannot input even a slightly different number than one you input previously and come up with a predictable answer or set of answers. Nonlinear equations are defined by their sheer unpredictability and the fact that you can in no way figure out what the equation will do next for any given set of circumstances.

In real life, fractal patterns appear in brain neurons, galactic explosions, vine covered walls, moss on a tree, the human bloodstream, and even within the veins of a leaf. Fractals are used directly in cell phone receivers and transmitters, and even in medical technology evaluating a cancer growth. Even the patterns lighting up a brain when under the influence of drugs or alcohol produce fractal-like areas of light. Unfortunately, as with cancer, not all fractal patterns are indicative of good. They are merely indicators for the truth.

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