Next to Impossible

Urine Drug Test On-Site“That’s impossible!” “That’s incredible!” “There’s no way that happened!” These exclamations of shock and awe are frequently displayed in a positive sense, referring to some amazing feat, trick, or stunt performed by someone else. The word “incredible” is, in every sense, akin to the word “impossible.”

Drug test equipment is available through CMM Technology, and we have seen businesses amazed by our drug test kits and alcohol breathalyser devices. However, rather than writing about how amazing our products are (at least, not today), we will be discussing what people’s views of “impossible” are.

Sometimes, if a phenomenon cannot be explained by science, it is called a miracle. Miracles happen every day because they defy the logistics of chance and reason, but they happen every day, as defined by what most people call a miracle.

Some people find even ordinary, everyday tasks to be next to impossible, if not impossible themselves. These people are governed by fear, lack of perspective, low emotional intelligence, and so on, until they are unable to deal with even the most basic and ordinary of lives, either personally or professionally. Guess what demographic it is to which we refer? You guessed it! We are referring to people who abuse substances, like drugs and alcohol, and are then unable to cope either at work or at home.

As their employer or manager, you have no control over what they do at home, in the privacy of their personal lives. You do, however, have control over what you do with your employees once they come to work. You have control over what you allow in your own jobsite environment. And, if they are not complying with company policies, you have control over what you do with your employees after they have run out of second chances. It is VERY possible.

CMM Technology provides you with the screening tests and recalibration services which you will need to implement obtaining this information. Employee drug testing has been an institution for so many years, because it works. If you are looking for drug test equipment, then come to CMM Technology. Also, try out our NATA accredited breathalyser recalibration service while you’re at it: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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