Newly Established Companies

Employee Drug TestingWhen you first set up your business, you may have had to take out loans on your enterprise, you may have had to hire people who are on a payroll, and you may have had to go into debt, even by quite a bit, just in order to get your operations up and running.

Newly established companies are always in a weakened position and while you may be strong enough to run and own and operate a company, you may not have enough strength to push further and further, making it over that first initial ledge of debt and difficulty in the beginning. Unless you have all of the strength left in you reserved for that task and that task alone, you may not find your successes to be as great as you would like them to be.

Newly established companies are almost one hundred percent dependent upon the internal strength and resolved of the new owner and operator. Without his or her strength, followed by the backing and efforts of their employees, the whole startup business is bound to fail.

In the E-Myth book series, Michael Gerber discusses the mistakes which entrepreneurs make in their business, and what determines how they see the world. He talks about how your original vision CAN come to life, but it may involve an enormous amount of personal growth on your part.

CMM Technology is not interested in personally pushing you to new heights of growth, the growing pains of which may force you to back out of the deal. Instead, we just want to help you improve your business to the best extent possible. We are an Australian based drug test equipment supplier, and we also provide alcohol tests and NATA accredited recalibration services. It is not in our best interests to force you to do anything, but it is in our best interests to bring about a higher quality of business in which you can work. We know that you do not always know what your employees are up to. Make sure that they are not up to any illicit behavior, such as drug or alcohol abuse in the workplace. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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