New Ideas, New Growth

Drug Testing, Alcohol TestNew ideas spring from a well of knowledge and growth and reinvention. Susan Cain, in a talk to a TED Conference audience, describes how even fundamental character traits between people define how their ideas are formed and how these ideas are available to be utilized. Her particular discussion was on how introverts are seen by the business community and society in general. Introverts are labeled as “shy” when the two terms are not even remotely synonymous, and extroverts are considered normal average people because they have highly developed charisma, charm and social skills.

Cain discusses how introverts make great leaders because they tend to allow people with ideas to go ahead and run with them, while highly excited extroverted leaders may actually get in the way of individuals realizing the full potential of their creativity. So, what is introversion and extroversion? Introverts are people who simply prefer solitude to social interaction. They are not necessarily shy (which means fear of social aberration) and may enjoy the company of others very much, but they prefer solitude. Extroverts, of course, prefer interaction with others and often find themselves feeding off of social energy and finding inspiration within a group setting.

In the world of drug addiction and alcoholism, extroverts are more likely to be swayed by their friends, either toward drugs or toward a healthy balanced lifestyle, while introverts are more likely to choose an addicted lifestyle all on their own, even disregarding the attempts to help them from their social community. Introverts are also likely to remain strong and balanced, even while living in a community of alcoholics. Interestingly enough, neither personality strength is likely to get ahead of the other to any measurable degree. Choices of friends or choices of personal recreational activities are inherently based upon character found within a person, not upon their degree of social interaction or solitude. Sadly, you must drug test all of your employees, not just the ones who seem “suspicious.” All joking aside, it may be a good idea to begin utilizing the ideas and creativity of your introverted employees more than you have been. And as for the employee drug testing, you have CMM Technology for that. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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