New Growth Inside the Person

As your employees are working for you and are regularly tested for drugs and alcohol, it is important to remember that high quality workplaces willOur drug and alcohol test produce higher quality energy inside those who are new employees. Basically, anyone who works there will find themselves feeling and being much better than when they did not work there, and that is because the jobsite itself is such a high quality environment. Whenever this happens, you will have employees who have new growth inside of themselves. This is a good opportunity to learn about what this new growth really means.

First of all, they will inherently test the strength of this new growth, in order to determine how stable it is and whether or not it will last. This is much like a young child testing an authority figure to see just how strong the authority is. This is a necessary part of the process, so expect them to push back, even if it is just a little.

Secondly, the individual will try to implement this new solid growth in their lives all throughout their lives, which means personal, professional, intimate, casual and the whole nine yards. After they find your strength to be true, they will need to make their whole lives at this minimum level of energy. Unfortunately, due to other people in their lives and circumstances around their personal lives, this may not happen for a while. At this point, consistency in your strength is the best thing you can show them.

Lastly, these individuals will try to grow more. At this stage, they may go about it in various ways, some more obnoxious or aggressive than others. Identify what it is that they are trying to accomplish, and help them to achieve, while also exhibiting and attitude of calm, quiet control.

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