Never Let Function and Purpose Die

Function and purpose are two of the mostly widely overlooked things when some people start up a company. Rather than building the companyBreathalyser around a function or a definitive purpose, they build it around dreams. Now, ideas are the cornerstone of the business marketplace, but the company itself must serve a purpose. If it does not, then its operations will not be easily performed nor will its contribution to the national economy mean much. It is necessary, therefore, to build your business around a purpose and to, in all things, perform that purpose to the best of everyone’s ability. This vision of owning and operating your own business does not have to die out in the rustiness of unfulfilled operations. It can happen, but it must involve both function and purpose.

Now, in the realm of employee drug testing, we here at CMM Technology easily fill this role. Our business distributes drug test equipment to facilitate high quality and accurate drug testing in Western Australia, although our products are shipped nationwide, too. Our breathalyser recalibration services are also high quality, and this is the beginning of our function. Our screening tests deliver information to you, the owner or manager, which tells you about the company policy abidance of your employees. Of course, for some industries, our services are a legal necessity, but for many businesses, saliva drug tests and breathalyser devices serve their own purpose quite well. No explanation is needed.

In the realm of business operations, incompetent employees bring down both your business’ function and its purpose. That makes you entire operation look bad. Word travels fast when it comes to companies which don’t employ the best workers. Customer service declines, worker expectations decline, and the whole operation suffers. That is why employee drug testing brings a touch of rational, sane, scientific proof to your world. That is why people find themselves secretly enjoying the drug testing if they think about what it protects them from. Though, you should by no means expect your employees to admit to this particular joy. Nobody in their right mind would. For information about the products we distribute, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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