Never Born This Way

Workplace Drug TestingSome scientists have studied DNA structuring and have determined that people are more likely to have a bad addiction if their parents also had that addiction. Of course, nutrition changes DNA, and if they grow up with the example being set and with being deficient in key nutrients because their parents are, as well, then this could be the cause for genetic predisposition for drug or alcohol abuse that some people are said to have.

Behavioral science states that, no matter what the predisposition toward certain things, you can change your current DNA structure and how your body is affected by things by changing your lifestyle itself. Now, that just seems too easy, but remember that humans have a habit of making things more complicated than they have to be. Since the human mind is so complex, there is an inherent desire to either read more complexity into a situation than is actually there or to develop more complex systems for ourselves than is in any way necessary.

However someone finds their way to abuse, doing it on the worksite is both against company policy and is illegal is some respects. That means that, if you are to achieve justice or are to bring your employees in line with your company policy, you must have a set and standard way of evaluating your employees potential drug or alcohol abuse. Drug testing in Western Australia is so much easier, thanks to the drug test equipment distributed by CMM Technology. This whole matter does not have become a huge ordeal. Simply purchase the screening tests, implement your employee drug testing program, and read the numbers and data which are presented to you. It does not have to be more complicated than that. Your workers…they were never born this way. They adopted certain practices which, if continued, can put yourself or your other employees in danger. It is therefore necessary to take certain action in the direction of appropriate employee drug testing. Birth and genetic predisposition are not allowed to become the focal point here. Your company safety is, though. For more information or to place an order with us, call CMM Technology: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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