Negative Leadership Qualities

Drug Testing, Alcohol TestLeadership makes one think of a strong, friendly face and a confident smile and workable people skills. However, many people have negative leadership qualities which mask as positive traits. Here are a few examples:

Assertiveness, turned overbearing. When you are great at getting what you want, this can become a habit and you may find yourself using those abilities all the time, not just during negotiation or a hard business deal.

Generous, turned careless. If you enjoy helping others, this is a wonderful trait to have. Generosity shows that you are big hearted and that you love giving to enrich the lives of others. However, giving when you have nothing to back it up with can result in overdrawing bank accounts, friendships, and promises.

Compassionate, turned weak. There is a time and a place for compassion, as with all things, and an undiscerning mind will be unable to delineate just exactly where that time or that place really is. Compassion is necessary in order to lead people, but giving to everyone without discretion is just weak.

Protecting, turned controlling. When you stand up for your people and you causes, it will really give you a rush and you may think that this is the cure-all behavior for everything in your life. However, what had been physical and emotional support and protection can turn into controlling behavior where you believe that you know what is best for someone else and are not willing to give them a choice in the matter.

Gracious, turned fake. Certain personalities lend themselves to being warm and inviting. In times of stress, however, these gracious hearts tend to turn fake, or at the very least seemingly fake. Knowing the balance between public relations and personal conversations is a must in this circumstance.

Valuing regulations, not people. When you are the leader of a company, you must always understand and apply the company policies wherever necessary, such as when you implement your employee drug testing program. However, it is unwise to become so caught up in this dance, that you forget about the assets those policies are meant to protect: the people.

When you maintain your workplace drug and alcohol screening program, you are valuing both regulations and people. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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