My Business Is Growing: When Should I Begin Testing My Employees?

If you own or operate a small business, you may be wondering when and if you should implement workplace drug and alcohol testing. This is an excellent point, and you should prepare yourself for the next stages of your small business development. It is one thing to exist and survive an entrepreneurial endeavor, and quite another to take it to the next step and manage your resources properly. Leadership, collaboration and resource management are some of the greatest blocks to small business success and must be used responsibly, as tools, and not frivolously, as privileges.

How do small businesses grow and become large corporations? They tackle internal growth problems and external flexibility issues as they come, and they learn how to adapt to their environments. Large corporations are not immovable, stolid, unchanging figureheads. In order to succeed, they learn how to move and change with the times, adopting new practices, policies, marketing and delivery methods as the world around them becomes a new creature, a new playground in which to advertise their candy and toy shovels. Small businesses encounter crises of leadership, autonomy, control, red tape, and inflexibility. [1] These blocks to success and resource management can be effectively dealt with through creativity, direction, delegation, coordination, and through using outside feedback to direct the flexibility of these resources.

In Small Business: Critical Perspectives on Business and Management, Churchill and Lewis describe how complexity and management style are factors in considering how “hands-on” or “self-operating” a business can be. [1] This also applies to implementing new growth changes, such as hiring more employees, spreading to new locations and scheduling drug and alcohol testing. Your management style and the streamlined/complex business model you employ are both factors in when you should time these endeavors. A good tip for when to start regular testing is after further growth hiring is no longer needed and behavioral setbacks begin to arise.

When you decide to begin implementing regular drug and alcohol testing procedures, be sure to account for your budget and your scheduling needs. Resources are available in various quantities and convenient onsite testing is available. You can ask for advice based upon your specific business requirements and you can tailor your drug and alcohol testing to your company model. It does not have to be complex or inconvenient. You can implement these procedures quickly and efficiently, and return to your work. Contact CMM Technology today: +618-9204-2500.

1. Storey, D. J.. Small business: critical perspectives on business and management.. London: Routledge, 2000. Print.

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