Musing at Museums

Musing at MuseumsThe soul needs fulfillment, not just distraction. Our lives are, contrary to popular opinion, NOT made up of a schedule which needs to be tweaked every now and then but otherwise followed so that we all get as much done and as much stuff as we can maintain. The truth is, that is not a reason for living.

Feeding the soul is a reason for living. Enjoying the first breath of spring when the temperatures begin to warm and the air begins to vibrate. Holding someone you love so that both of you feel collectively stronger. Sometimes, a well crafted piece of music feeds your soul. Whatever the case, there are many things which uplift the spirit, and many things which cause us to think about the world around us in different ways.

Museums are not so different from drug testing. In its essence, employee drug testing is intended to reveal the internally weak and unmotivated. Museums are meant to describe the consequences of the actions of both the weak and the strong, showing what happens when men and women get together for good or for evil. Museums show daily lives. They show times when people were stronger or weaker than they are today. They show how their lives affected the land and people around them. Museums are extremely important to the soul of society, and many people find that art galleries, museums, and even nature itself are immensely inspiring…if you take the time and energy to really soak it in.

Work can be extremely rewarding…if you take the time and energy to develop your skills into a craft. It really is an art form, if you will.

That is why, when CMM Technology distributes drug test kits and provides our breathalyser recalibration service, we know what a benefit we are giving to the Australian business community. There is nothing better than really living life, rather than life living you. Our Lifeloc FC10 and ToxSure saliva drug test are examples of how people can take control of their businesses through a little training and tenacity. Call CMM Technology to order our products for your use and implementation. It’s time to start recreating your company today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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