Museums and Drugs

Employee Drug TestingMuseums are places where you can…muse. We re not kidding. That is the entire purpose of a museum: to muse and reflect and contemplate, using the objects and art before you to inspire you to greater heights of mortal deliberation. After all, what is it to be human than to question our existence and the meaning of our individual lives? What could be more productive than the goals which we possess and in which we live at least eighty percent of our waking hours? To live in ones dreams most of the time, and to eventually make them into reality, is to be blessed with the time given ability to truly become a human being.

It is not enough to simply be born a human. It is only when we begin fulfilling our purpose in this world with as much will and knowledge as possible that we become fully human.

Employees of yours who abuse illicit substances may or may not realize that their behavior is killing off their humanity, little by little. We, as a species, were designed (or at least designed ourselves) to explore the world further and further, more and more. We know this about ourselves. But depressing into states of exhaustion because of our abuse of drugs or alcohol is to make ourselves less human over time.

In your business, you leverage knowledge, tools, and people in order to bring in wealth to your entire operation. However, if some of your workers are in this depressed state, they can influence the gullible coworkers around them. This is very important to prevent. Would you like to make use of NATA accredited recalibration services for your breathalyser devices? Would you like to be able to order and receive drug test kits, as well as more alcohol tests? If you said yes to any of those questions, then you need to find CMM Technology. Check out our website on here, and look at all of our different products. We want you to feel just as comfortable with our equipment as we do. Be sure and ask us any questions you may think of: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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