Modes of cannabis consumption

chain of custody, pre screening, screening testsCMM Technology has delivered quality information on cannabis for its clients, on the CMM Technology News and Events page. Employers and clients must not only know the drugs that may be consumed at their workplaces, but must also be aware of modes of consumption. A comprehensive understanding of drug paraphernalia can be as important as education about the effects and chemical profile of a particular substance.

Cannabis can be taken in a variety of ways, and evidence of these may be indicators of drug use in the workplace. Be vigilant and remain educated about modes of usage.

Here is a list of the most common modes of cannabis consumption. Information supplied includes signs to watch out for in your workplace.

The joint – The marijuana joint can consist of marijuana “heads” or leaves rolled into cigarettes with or without the addition of tobacco. A homemade filter or mouthpiece of cardboard is sometimes made for the holding end. Tobacco rolling paper is the most popular paper used in Australia. The common Australian slang term for a joint is a spliff. The roach is the small end of the joint, smoked down to the filter section. It often contains large concentrations of THC.[1]

Be aware of roaches and small cardboard filters of homemade appearance, on site. These may indicate marijuana joint smoking.

The bong – is a marijuana smoking filtration device. It is similar to the Asian and Middle Eastern hookah. Homemade bongs and those possibly used by young workplace employees on site are often made from plastic juice bottles and garden hose or malleable plastic piping. The bong cone is often made of aluminium foil moulded into shape.  The bong is filled with water and the smoke is drawn through the water to make a “smoother” drug smoking process.[2]

Be aware of plastic hose that has been cut or tampered with. Check your worksite hose outlets regularly to make sure they have not been cut for the purposes of bong construction. Also be aware of discarded juice bottles that may have burned holes in them as these may have been used as bong paraphernalia.

Edible marijuana cookies – This is a less common mode of marijuana consumption and involves baking cookies using hashish or marijuana as one of the ingredients.

Your response to drugs and also alcohol in the workplace needs to include a range of strategies as opposed to just one stand-alone approach. According to Pidd and Roche, the most common approaches in Australia include:

  • policy
  • education and training
  • counselling/treatment
  • EAP’s
  • Testing
  • Health promotion
  • Brief interventions[3]

Incorporate these approaches with the help of CMM Technology and its sister concern Mediscreen. Also, familiarise yourself with drug use and modes of consumption that can threaten the safety and health of your workplace. Contact CMM Technology to obtain more information about quality testing devices.

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