Miners’ rescue in Chile

Less than a month ago, on 18 October 2010, 33 Chilean miners were rescued from a collapsed mine shaft. Deprived of daylight for over 3-months, the miners reemerged from their dark cocoon attired with specially designed protective eye wear and into the bright spotlight of extensive world media attention and crowd jubilation.

Held for over 69 days deep underground, the men awaited their slow and hazardous rescue by way of a 60cm wide Phoenix Two rescue capsule.  As the last miner finally surfaced, some media and rescue experts began calling the successful rescue operation nothing short of “miraculous”. However, the rescue mission’s positive outcome was not hinged on mere “good luck”, but rather the result of good old fashioned “sweat” and hard work buoyed on an accumulation of industry knowledge, individual professionalism and practical ‘know-how’.

Consisting of engineers, a mining rescue team, medical staff and other professionals, the October Chilean mine rescue was successfully orchestrated by a team of industry experts with specialised training, research, knowledge which galvanized their industrious efforts. Undoubtedly, the intelligence which was gathered at this site will be harnessed to improve future mining practices and engineering techniques. They will also help to improve the corpus of mining rescue knowledge and mining rescue practices.

At CMM Technology, we offer VETAB certified training in current “industry best practice” for mining rescue, Certificate III in Mine Emergency Response and Rescue. Constantly evolving and improving, the mine rescue techniques covered in this course is recommended for those that are just entering the mine rescue field or are longstanding experts that require an update on their previously acquired training, skills and knowledge. The course is also suitable for medical and OHS personnel within the mining field sector and general emergency staff.

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