Mine rescue training

Today’s delicate rescue operation of 33 trapped miners in Chile highlights the critical safety issues surrounding the mining industry.

The trapped men, held for over 69 days deep underground, are awaiting their slow and hazardous rescue. It’s estimated that each rescue mission will take upwards of 30 minutes to extract each miner individually from the collapsed mine. The special 60cm diameter rescue capsule, Phoenix Two, designed for this rescue operation, is constructed to circumvent further area destabilisation. To enable the mission’s success, in the preceding weeks of the rescue, the trapped miners were given a tailored diet and exercise instructions to ensure they would fit inside the ultra-narrow capsule.

Mining rescue teams, such as the one leading today’s Chilean operation, are skilled and trained in mining rescue. With their combined training, collective expertise and industrious efforts, it is hoped that all miners and their rescuers will emerge safely in the next 24-48 hours. As the world watchers in great anticipation and hope for a successful resolution, experts in the rescue field will gather intelligence to help provide engineers and rescue experts with important information to prevent future mining collapses and improve rescue strategies. These are noted as “industry best practice”.

At CMM Technology, we offer VETAB certified training in current “industry best practice” for mining rescue. The Certificate III in Mine Emergency Response and Rescue reflects the role of response and rescue team members in a metalliferous mine who perform tasks involving a broad range of skilled applications applied in a wide variety of contexts, (which may involve application of some discretion and judgement in selecting equipment, services or contingency measures).

For more information or to book this training course, visit Mine Rescue or call CMM Technology on (+618) 9204 2500.

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