Meth Habits

Methamphetamine, commonly shortened to “meth,” is an illicit substance which generally acts like an “upper” to the body. This MethMeth Habits Habitsmeans that it heightens awareness and quickens movement and makes the individual almost hyperactive. Actually, there is nothing “almost” about it. A meth addict can go through long periods of incredibly active sleeplessness where they will clean their apartments or homes and rearrange all of the furniture and appear to be very physically active. Their brains can initially be quick thinking, but over time, their neurons degenerate to the extent that their thoughts will be randomly jumbled and you might find one of them outside at 4 a.m. at night looking for dollars buried under the bushes. Yes, that IS what happened to the author one time, and the sight was…interesting.

Meth habits include the hyperactivity mentioned above followed by the withdrawal “down” time, where depression, suicidal tendencies, extreme anxiety and paranoia are normal parts of the chemical rehydration process. Long term meth addicts are, of course, less and less affected by their drugs of choice. This leads in turn to increased meth abuse, and that leads to paranoia that enough of the substance can’t be found and replenished.

Prostitution is occasionally used by meth addicts to fund their habits but, the truth is, that is most often associated with cocaine addiction. Meth addicts often use jobs with long periods of high activity to help them put some use and money into their meth addiction.

Make sure that the above scenarios, in any form, are not found at your company. Be sure to implement employee drug testing as part of your regular business maintenance. Your people need to be maintained just as much as your machinery. Make sure that your employee reviews include drug testing data and alcohol test data for everyone. This is no small task, and therefore requires the usage of high quality employee drug test kits and a responsible recalibration service for your breathalyser devices. This is all part of the screening process, and it is all required for a smoothly running worker screening program.

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