MentorshipThe relationship between a mentor and a protegee is one in which two people are mutually beneficial to each other in different ways. The mentor contributes to the learning, growth and development of their student, while the protegee helps to ease the burden of the mentor, reduce their workload, and contribute to the mentor’s accomplishments as a whole, while they are learning the trade.

Mentors and protegees have existed in every trade, every job description, and in every industry. Part of taking over a company involves being able to recognize what you can and cannot do in the new environment, and seeing to it that old or experience talent is available to help you transition. All companies and job growths have learning and adaptability written all over them. Without these necessary changes, the company would be worth considerably less. The point of all of this is to describe and contribute to the growth and adaptability of the company. After all, if the company cannot adapt to the business world and change according to the criteria of the current market, then it will eventually fall into decay or be bought out by someone who is more competent and able to adapt then they are. This is the dog-eat-dog world of business, or really of any type of interaction, including parent-child relationships, sibling relationships, or other parts of human life. Adapt or be eaten.

Mentorship is part of every type of growth process, and it is essential to new adaptations which must be made. However, mentorship on its own cannot exist. Just as the act of giving has to involve both giving and receiving, you cannot have a mentor without also having a recipient protegee, and one who is willing to learn. Without this inner drive of the protegee in question, to learn and adapt and improve themselves and contribute to their job worth, all the excellent mentoring in the world will not do anyone any good at all.

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