Marketing Ahead of the Curve

Breathalyser,Urine Drug Test,Drug test KitsIn an article by Rieva Lesonsky, she discusses how businesses at the end of this recession are not really investing in marketing, because they believe that they are receiving enough word-of-mouth marketing. She goes on to say that word-of-mouth marketing is great if you cannot afford a marketing budget, but that if you can afford it, you can position yourself at the forefront of your peers at the beginning of this global economic climb.

This is an interesting concept. Many people believe that the recession is at an end and that the global economy, the west in particular, is improving. Lesonsky’s suggestion to take advantage of this and position ourselves and our businesses accordingly may be a good one. In the past, the great depression and other smaller economic failures fixed themselves, with no regard for restraints placed upon money or inflation. This might be the case in this circumstance, where financial placements are fixing themselves and achieving equilibrium, which will result in economic stability and then growth in the near future.

It should probably be noted that innovations created during the recession were not based upon stability, since global consumer markets had no base example of stability from which to work. This means that any marketing strategy which is implemented in the future might be best positioned in a more immovable, traditional construct so that consumers are attracted to the surety and safety of whatever enterprise you are trying to launch.

Regardless of what marketing method you choose, marketing ahead of the curve may be a good idea. However, it is not quite clear whether one should begin a marketing campaign before the western economy hits a full upswing, or while it is rising. In either position, you will need your business to be firmly grounded and operating according to your strategic objective, which should include an employee drug and alcohol testing program which is fully functioning.

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