Marijuana and Compounded Relaxation

Some of the most productive people in the world engage in what is known as “relaxed alertness.” They are able to take Marijuana and Compounded Relaxationfull and total pride in their work and even their rest periods are spent physically resting their bodies while psychologically and mentally they are ready to get up and ready for the off at a moment’s notice. It is this relaxed state of alertness which allows them to go from rest to work to rest again without having to boost and then subdue their own energy. They become appreciatively both awake and rested at all times of the day. This is a powerful gift to have, one that is subsequently destroyed by repeated marijuana use. Why? The reason is that of compounded relaxation.

We have all heard of how you can compound your money if you save it in your local bank or money market fund. However, lots of things can be compounded over time, especially in ways that they were never meant to be compounded. One of these is relaxation. If you compound relaxation, you end up in a sort of daze or dead state or overtly self satisfied form of laziness. This is not a normal human state to be in, at least not when you are healthy. This state is caused by multiple marijuana abuse.

What makes a difference between marijuana and the decision to just be lazy? First of all, if you are outright deciding to be lazy, there is not a lot of difference. When you subject yourself to drug abuse, you are essentially allowing the world to take responsibility for your life for you, and you do not care about the outcome. It is a sense of wanting or needing to let go and not be in charge anymore. While that may be a temporary feeling of relief, it soon becomes what it is: a way to let go of responsibility over your own life. At that point, you really do not have a right to complain about what the world then does with your life. You already gave it up.

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