Managerial Problems in High Hazard Industries

Managerial Problems in High Hazard IndustriesHigh hazard industries are dangerous for a reason. They feed on the need to increase production and the situation itself is hazardous, whether it is mining, transportation or aviation or anything else. Unfortunately, companies working in a high hazard industry can push a little too hard to reach the bottom line and keep their focus there, when in fact it is so much better to take what is already a hazardous industry and make it as safe as possible for your workers. In fact, production increases and workers love their job more in companies where safety comes first and everything else, including the bottom line, comes later. So why do companies continue to behave this way sometimes?

More than likely, it is simply separation from the problem and from the environment in which their employees spend their own days. Without actually coming in contact with these circumstances, it is difficult to be able to assess how much cost is needed to spend on safety procedures before attention is given elsewhere, like to the books. Executives are simply not aware of what is going on, and managers are pressured to increase production. In this way, management can suffer a great deal, because they are essentially in between a rock and a hard place. They must also look at the bottom line, but they have to evaluate their subordinates’ safety at the same time. When pressure is applied from above, they have no choice (or feel that they have no choice) but to capitulate and increase the hazards in their industry.

All of this is understandable from every level. The problem can be solved by increasing awareness. Employees who are aware are more likely to speak up, and continue speaking up until conditions change. In the end, the business will prosper, because safe employees work much harder than fearful employees.

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