Management Styles and Free Choice

Alcohol testWe all have different management styles and we all manage different things. However, all of these styles and components can essentially be categorized into three different categories. For example, if you are easy going and go with the flow, then you interact with your people or circumstances, but keep the relationship balanced. If, however, you are a bit of a control freak, then you probably find yourself being more influential on your environment than your environment is on you!

When that happens, remember that everyone falls into one of these three areas.

First, we have the controller. This person often feels out of control of a situation, and so they exert almost an unreasonable amount of dictation over other people and they heavily control their surroundings.

Second, we have the engager. This individual interacts with their surroundings, but keeps the balance pretty equal between themselves and other people and outside circumstances. They are good at engaging with people and they are good at interacting with their environment. These are usually the most gregarious people, and they are usually pretty popular, too.

Third, and last, we have the non-committer. This person is so against interacting with their environment and against having any sort of responsibility toward other people that they are usually the most independent and the least able to get close to people out of the group. Because they keep such distance between themselves and other people, they often come across as the most professional. But because this attitude goes pretty deep within them, people who want to become closer friends or to date them often find this to be impossible.

CMM Technology recognizes that, in reality, it is all about free choice. Anyone can abuse anything and anyone else, but it has to be the free choice of both parties, and they have to take responsibility for their substance abuse. Drug test equipment will help you know who this applies to and who it doesn’t apply to. We provide urine drug tests, alcohol breathalyser devices, and saliva drug tests, along with our breathalyser recalibration service. To place an order with us, or to find out more about our products, call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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