Loving Your Job

Drug test Kits, Drug Test, Drug TestingEmployee turnover can be costly to your company. Especially in large companies with many employees, staff members can quit seemingly without reason, and this employee turnover can cost a great deal in overtime hours for current employees and in extra work when you are understaffed, not to mention the recruitment costs. Unfortunately, employees who are not happy with their work can leave at any time, and nobody can force them to remain at your company. Why do employees leave? There are many reasons, some of which tie into workplace drug testing.

To begin with, employees who are dissatisfied with the level of responsibility and privilege which they possess can create resentment within themselves, until it either comes out in a public outburst or until they hold it in long enough while they plan ways to leave their job. It is always important to give your staff members enough accountability so that they feel that their job is worth something and is valued in the whole of your business operations.

Secondly, employees who are dealing with abusive or destructive managers may feel that their current position is not worth their goals of remaining a part of your company and helping it grow. Eventually, the cons will outweigh the pros, and your staff members will leave. This is more likely to occur with more than one person if the first person has the guts to leave. You can identify this problem by investigatingmultiple resignations which occurs under the same manager.

Thirdly, it is a good idea to keep a documented and reported account of up-to-date employee work conditions. It may be a good idea to hire a neutral outside firm to investigate your employees’ work conditions so that everything is objectively reported and nobody feels that their job is at stake if the account is negative or below par. Unsafe working conditions contribute to greater amounts of stress, which can in turn contribute to employee drug abuse or alcoholism on the jobsite.

Workplace drug testing is a wonderful way to instill a sense of safety and security within your employees. Contact CMM Technology today to discuss your employee drug testing needs: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.


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