Love Your Work and Its New Promises

Love Your Work and Its New PromisesYour job can be pleasant as long as you get your mind wrapped around the right priorities. You see, even people in good jobs can hate what they do and people in bad jobs can love what they do. So, really, good and bad jobs are subjective based upon your attitudes about those jobs. While you may be good at something, if you don’t enjoy it, then you can think of it as a bad job, even though it would be a dream job in lots of other people’s minds. On the other hand, if you take pride in your work, you can enjoy how you make your living, even though you receive pity and “understanding” from people who think the job itself is unpleasant.

Did you notice that?

The difference is not in the job itself, nor is it in your attitude about the job. It is in your attitude about your work. How do you feel about the quality of your writing, or sales, or distributing, or anything else that is a part of your job? Do you take pride in the efficacy of your words, in the professionalism of your demeanor, and in the quality of the finished product?

Are you satisfied with the time you spent each day in your tasks? Can you imagine a case where you would want ever changing conditions, or would you prefer the steadiness and reliability of your current position?

It is rare to find an employee who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs who is also really happy with their job. You see, the love of your work has to come from an inner sense of you and your craftsmanship being worth something. There is very little self respect or self worth in the minds of long term alcohol and drug abusers.

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