Love the One You’re With

Urine drug testWhen this timeless classic of a song came out over two decades ago, it naturally went against everything that many songs stood up for. “Love the One You’re With” was a lovely challenge to stick together and go through life together, rather than the all too often encouragement to cheat, kill, lie, and steal. Perhaps the public enjoyed it so much because it was upbeat, catchy, and not something you heard very often.

Whatever the case, many employees in this time of economic turbulence look toward themselves for loyalty, and do not actually choose to feel any loyalty toward any given company. They are focused on their careers, and when a better offer comes along, they jump at the chance to forward their career, not the future of their current company.

This is unfortunate, because technology has made people so much more aware of their own valuable assets and skills, and adding the factor of loyalty can really make you valuable to a business. This is true for just about any business at all. This is especially true for a company which deals a lot in trade secrets and must protect client assets. First, they must be able to protect themselves. This is where drug testing and your average screening tests come in.

Drug testing in Western Australia is good thanks to the participation of two very valuable companies: Mediscreen and CMM Technology. Now, we here at CMM Technology delivers high accuracy drug test equipment to companies all over our nation, while our sister company takes care of onsite drug testing. We are a team, and we are really proud of what we do. In combination, we are a force to be reckoned with, but CMM Technology also provides a breathalyser recalibration service which is useful if you still have old breathalyser devices which you would like to continue testing with. We aim to please and our goal is to help you see how fit for duty your staff is. This is no small task. You are welcome to bulk order our products at any time. Be sure and check out our website or call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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