Looking for a Way Out

Looking for a Way OutWhen someone abuses drugs or alcohol, they are looking for a way out. Unfortunately, this is not exactly what they are doing with their pain. They mask their pain, so that they don’t have to feel it anymore. However, they see substance abuse as a way to escape. All addicts take this very seriously, and they all see their pain as being so great as to be worthy of escaping.

Well, that’s not entirely true.

Any pain which humans endure can be endured for as long as it takes to work through the pain and then to release it. When it is not worked through, however, the individual remains in pain for a much longer period than they were supposed to have. Then, in order to escape it, they resort to substance abuse.

Once again, they are not actually escaping it. They are only masking it.

Business employees must be able to deal with unforeseen circumstances and to handle situations as they arise. If they cannot do this, then they are only dragging down everyone else as they are attempting to get things done. The thing is that many employees who are addicts are also extremely talented at passing the blame on to someone else.

Once the blame is passed, it is very difficult to find out truly who was the originator of all the slack in productivity.

Therefore, you really need employee drug testing.

If all of your employees are given screening tests on a regular basis, then everyone is evaluated at the same time and they all must comply with your company policies. Then, you can determine if there are some people who are abusing substances and some who are not. By using simple, unbiased scientific data, you can really get a more accurate picture of what is going on between employees.

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