Loneliness and Alcoholism

Chain Of Custody,Recalibration, Recalibration ServiceLoneliness is the primary reason why many previously normal people resort to full-blown alcoholism. Loneliness can be the result of a combination of low self esteem, low motivation, and incomplete or poorly developed social skills. This is why it is easy for a child of an alcoholic to grow up and be an alcoholic themselves. They only know how to interact with other drunks, and they are not comfortable developing social skills which step outside of these daily habits. Your employees should have minimum competency in self esteem, motivation and social skill, or they may be a liability to your workplace. While you can observe them carefully day in and day out, the easy way to make sure that they are fulfilling their work duties is to implement employee drug and alcohol testing.

Drug abuse breeds paranoia and loss of memory

When you are drug testing your staff members, be sure to keep your eyes open for any unnatural behavior. Often, employees develop symptoms of paranoia and memory loss gradually over time, so it can be difficult to discern whether or not they are behaving normally or are being affected by drugs or alcohol. Depression is another symptom of withdrawal. Workplace drug testing helps to prevent this while you are out of the office when you may not be able to keep an eye on things.

Alcoholism breeds desperation for company, love and understanding

No matter how tough or invincible we might feel when under the influence of alcohol, we feel very isolated and alone after the effect has worn off. As your employees abuse alcohol more and more outside of work, you will find that their behavior changes and that the extroverts are lonely and in need of friendship, and that the introverts withdraw even further into their own misery. While understanding and compassion are in order, it is even more important to act within the best interests of your business and of everyone whose livelihood depends upon the success of your business. That’s a lot of livelihoods.

Alcoholism can stem from initial loneliness, but it is the choice of the individual to remain drugged, and to remain alone. Workplace drug and alcohol testing protects your business from these unwise choices. Contact CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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