Lion AlcoBlow® – a fully portable, handheld professional breathalyser

An effective method for monitoring your workforce’s alcohol intake is by utilising alcohol detection technology. At CMM Technology, we offer a wide variety of alcohol testing products which can accurately determine the level of alcohol in the human breath.

One of most advanced and simple to use, state-of-the-art, digital handheld breathalysers, is the Lion AlcoBlow. This fully portable, handheld professional breathalsyer is recommended for use by authorised collectors and security personnel in the workplace. Other industry applications suitable for this unit include: mining; correction facilities; and education establishments.

What makes this device a sensible and practical choice for your workplace drug and alcohol testing program is its simple operation features and lightweight design. Consequently, training requirements are minimal and the Lion AlcoBlow can be operated at multiple sites as necessary. The Lion AlcoBlow can also be used as an alternative or in addition to fixed breathalyzer wall units that are held at one site.

Another good reason why the Lion AlcoBlow is a popular choice for most businesses and organisations is that each test is performed at a low cost. For example, unlike conventional alcohol breath testing instruments, the Lion AlcoBlow makes no physical contact with the subject. This means there are no disposable mouthpieces (which are an additional cost consideration for comparable units).

Listed below are additional key product features which make the Lion AlcoBlow breathalyser unit an excellent choice for your workplace drug and alcohol testing program, including:

• Easy functions: two button control to enable easy operation and readings.

• Fast readings: to enable the collector/supervisor to determine whether a driver or employee has ingested any alcohol in his or her body – literally, within seconds.

• Accurate analysis: the Lion fuel cell sensor ensures high specificity to alcohol.

• Durability: the unit has a long, stable working life.

• Easy to read display: the subject’s alcohol level is shown on a single LED.

• Meets AS3547 Australian Standard.

For more information, download our brochure (PDF) – Click here to Download.

Alternatively, you can contact the expert CMM Technology Team to further discuss your needs and our other breathlayser ranges on (+618) 9204 2500.

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