Let’s Stand For Something

Workplace Drug TestingWhen confronted with problems in our pasts, our present, or something which may happen in the future, it may become overwhelming to think of all of your mistakes or responsibilities and how hard everything is going to be throughout your lifetime because of those problems.

The truth, however, is never really that much of a problem. We all find ourselves in a rather precarious position when it comes to relationships and public reputations, especially when we haven’t been as socialized as we would like to be.

When you think of your issues, remember one fact. Everyone is dreading something or is worried about something in their life. They look at where they are, and it doesn’t match up with where they would like to be. The thing to do is NOT to eliminate all of the problems in your life, because as you grow, your problems will change and morph with you. The solution is to view your future as full of shining hope which does not include being in any way affected long term or short term by your problems. In other words, you are bigger than they are, and you can manage much better than you thought you could before.

The trick is to stand for something. And, as long as you’re standing for something, you might as well stand for yourself. Be the person you want to be, regardless of your external circumstances. That way, your peace of mind is not dependent upon external situations.

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