Learning from Others without Absorbing Others

Alcohol TestAt CMM Technology, we often speak about the importance of influence and how people can affect other people so easily and, in many cases, without even knowing they are influencing the other person, much less the extent to which they are.

The truth is, so many people rely upon the opinions of others in order to determine their own self worth and how they are supposed to be seen in the world. It is often very controversial in their brains about who to believe: themselves or the other person. Sometimes, it is really difficult to get the negative opinion from someone else out of your head.

Fortunately, we have many societal mechanisms which help us to buffer the opinions of others somewhat. We all have the ability to tune out what other people think, especially in a large group or among strangers. We understand that when people do not know each other that well their own first impressions may be altered or even a great deal off base. We understand that many people may agree with us on some things, but not on others. We know that a lot of people do not like us simply because of who they are, and sometimes even because of who they have encountered earlier in their lives and how they were affected by those people.

Influence catches on fire and spreads to all parts of the forest like wildfire. There is not a great deal they can change about who they interact with, but they have ultimate control over how they allow these perceptions to affect them. When employees are fit for duty, they are not subject to the law of the land, necessarily, but they are subject to your company policies. They are subject to the conduct of a productive workplace when they are on your jobsite. Use our breathalyser devices, high quality alcohol tests, to implement your drug testing in Western Australia. We ship our drug test equipment, as well, all over Australia. Just call us today and place an order. It really is as easy as that. To find out more about our urine drug tests, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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