Leading by Example

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying that setting an example is not one way to lead, that it is the only way to lead. Interestingly enough, Einstein’s personal habits created a huge rift in how society saw fashion, mathematics, science, and astronomy. He often worked alone, and frequently was so obsessed with his personal habits that very few individuals, except for those who really knew him, were aware of how his creative genius would even change the immediate world around him. Today, we know better.

The stars shine out on both common man and kings of empires, and see neither as anything special. Leading by example is the only way to go when defining your business. It is impossible to ask your workers to do anything which you cannot or will not do yourself. If you hire experts who are smarter than you are, then set an example of being willing to learn and willing to change your paradigms to fit your new found knowledge.

It has been proven multiple times that humans cannot be controlled and they cannot be “managed” in any sense of the word. Only systems can be defined and implemented. You can influence others through your own behavior, but you cannot make them do a thing. Never underestimate the power of your influence, though. Over time, when individuals are around someone with certain habits, they begin picking up those habits and the lifestyle surrounding those habits. One of the managers of this company has positively influenced the author with his behavior, setting an example of tolerance and long suffering which has sunk in deeper than he can imagine. The same principle applies to anyone else, for the author is no special exception to this rule.

Your employees are watching you, carefully taking note of your actual habits, and whether or not your words match your actions and match what you do when you are by yourself in the privacy of your solitude. We all try to make ourselves to be better than we really are. It is the reality which influences them, not mere words or outward appearances. Drug and alcohol testing is part of this process, protecting your company assets, indicating that your assets are worth protecting and that your workers are productive in a valued company. For more information on employee drug and alcohol screening, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.


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