Leaders and Managers

Drug Testing, Employee Drug Testing, Saliva Drug TestBusiness owners carry a large amount of responsibility. Not only must they set up a successful, effective business system, but they are also in charge of marketing, sales, client lead generation, client fulfillment, the financial department, and of course, all of their employees. The accountability is high, and when growing your business from a small operation to a large company, it is important to remember that authority can be delegated to your managers. Everything from financial responsibility to employee drug testing to production supply can be delegated, and it is important to remember this. The stress involved with taking on everything yourself is inhuman and will only be tolerated for so long before you lose your senses.

In an article by Ian Clark of the University of Birmingham, he describes how the interests of the business owner can be unfulfilled and found as unacceptable by their managerial staff. Certain business models, or business systems, are so dysfunctional that they create separation between the goals of the owner and the tasks and focus of the managers in charge of the employees. This separation creates several mindsets, including that of “us against them” and “the boss gets what the boss wants, at our expense.” Further responsible steps taken by management to maintain order and productivity, such as employee drug and alcohol testing, can be taken in the wrong context. Ian Clark emphasizes that these business systems are either highly effective and generate positive relations between coworkers and managerial staff or they are highly toxic.

A leader is not necessarily someone who labours a great deal, but someone who can lead labourers in a calm, rational state, using an appropriate business model. By the same token, managers are responsible for individual sections of the company and should likewise run their section as if they are a business owner, leading rather than doing the work of the people under them. It is not uncommon to find a dysfunctional business system, where the owner or managers are taking on the labour of the lower level employees, and these employees are doing whatever they feel like, because they are not being effectively led. Workplace drug testing is the beginning of establishing boundaries of appropriate behavior and job duties, and carrying them out.

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