Leaders and Bullies

Anyone who has ever worked with a bully leader can tell you. This is not a true leader. They feel weak and they feel out of control, and they developLeaders and Bullies emotional manipulation habits to make their subordinates feel absolutely worthless, rather than a significant and important part of the team. True bullies can do this in such a way that there is no one thing which can be pointed out against, but their pervasive attitude is well known and effectively described by their subordinates. Those who work under bully leaders can feel as if they are in constant fear of either losing their job or losing their respect within the organization. It becomes a toxic, paranoid, and stressful environment, and many bully leaders simply work their system until they must leave, and they just find another group of suckers upon whom to prey.

As any subordinate can tell you, as well, true leaders make themselves just as well known. Subordinates feel safe and secure and as if they have job security around true leaders. True leaders almost act as the ideal parental or authority figure, where they take care of their employees and look out for them, much as if they were a younger member of their own family for whom they are responsible. True leaders make you feel comfortable, and at home, and as if you matter and what you have to say has validity and importance. True leaders do not make you feel like a subordinate, but only like a slightly less important partner in their firm. True leaders go the extra mile to look after their subordinates and to make sure that they are okay.

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