Layers of Independent Contractors

Layers of Independent ContractorsContractors can be a single individual who provides a service and takes responsibility for that service. However, contractors can also be supervisors over other individual contractors, each of which specializes in a particular task. Layering of contractors means that each person is within a grid, so to speak, of a temporarily and individually accountable company. Think about it. Doesn’t a layer of contractors make the situation a small company?

Of course, the difference is that each person can leave or apply of their own volition, there is no name for the structure, and each specific person is responsible for themselves. There must be a schedule, work must be completed by set milestones, and tasks should be appropriately sized to fit each individual contractor or group of contractors and their skills. Just like in a company, individual talents, needs, and abilities must be taken into consideration. There must be a commitment made by each person and everyone should be willing to pull their own weight, rather being paid for work that everyone else is doing.

Drug testing is part of this accountability process. Many companies which hire contractors still require that some regulation, if not as comprehensive as what the company does within its own structure, be enforced concerning liability when a contrary is “too impaired to complete his or her duties.” Impairment can technically come in many forms, including injury, but onsite drug testing allows companies to rid themselves of even temporarily “affected” people.

Drug testing in Western Australia is much easier because of CMM Technology. Our drug test equipment and breathalyser devices, not to mention our recalibration service, are part of a growing field in employee drug testing. It does not matter whether your contractors are linked together in a network or if they are employed long term by your company. Drug test kits and other screening tests will still be necessary for a long time to come. Workers will still need to be evaluated. People will still need to take responsibility for their own actions, individual contractor or not.

The answer is simple. Order from CMM Technology. Our company distributes the best screening tests available. Call us today for more information: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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