Latest Trends in Drug Testing

Drug testing is going through a bit of a mass flux in recent months. First, another wave of individual rights hit the fan about a year ago,Drug Testing protesting the supposed violation of privacy brought on by drug testing. Then, we entered a phase where businesses everywhere are employing mass drug testing for all of their employees, and are really happy with the results.

Employee drug testing has been on a rise ever since then.

In order to compete with the competition, you will not want to hire workers who are rejected by the other businesses. You will want to stay competitive and bring your company to this level, as well. There is a great deal to be said in favor of using screening tests of any kind. CMM Technology provides you with all of them, saliva drug tests, urine drug tests, and alcohol breathalyser devices, as well as our breathalyser recalibration service. Of course, we are also accredited by NATA for our breathalyser calibration.

That makes us the best option available for you.

If you would like to look at our drug test equipment, be sure to check out our website and browse around our products, check out our sister site which does onsite drug testing, and even call us up to ask us some questions.

We love answering questions.

Now that you are intrigued with all of our special awesome qualities, we would also like to invite you to look at your employee turnover rate in your business. Evaluate how many of your employees were let go due to drug or alcohol abuse, and then do something really interesting. Look at how long they were employed in your company before their abuse was identified. Yes, we thought you would notice that one, especially.

In order to protect your company assets and reduce your expenses on employee turnover and potential liability, go ahead and start using drug test equipment from CMM Technology. We can bring a lot of good assets to your business and we can do so in an affordable manner. Give us a call today and find out more about us: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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