Knowledge Base

Knowledge BaseYour knowledge base is one of the most important assets you have. Your life experiences, your personal knowledge, wisdom and Knowledge Baseexperience, and all of your book learning are collected together to form your knowledge base. It encompasses everything you know, both formally and informally.

Your knowledge base is what gives you perspective on life and what is normal and what is going too far. In fact, your knowledge base indicates how much tolerance you have for other people. The higher up you are in a company, the better it is and the more tolerance and knowledge base you need to have. This is why drug abuse and alcohol drinking tends to be more of a problem on the lower levels of a company, where employees lack both knowledge base and perspective on their own lives, which is both sustained by their self abuse and supports their self abuse.

Knowledge really is power

It gives you the strength to keep going and to get certain accomplishments under your belt so that you understand them better. Knowledge base gives you more information and perspectives to work with, so that you can see things with more clarity and without as much prejudice or self involvement.

Employee drug testing does not eliminate the need for drug testing. Rather, it gives you information on who is abusing drugs and alcohol while on your worksite. This is your business and your worksite and your company’s liability. This is your territory. Protect it by giving yourself every advantage that our drug test kits and breathalyser devices can offer. Give yourself the power that knowledge can bring to your leadership.

And that’s what drug testing really is: Power. It helps you to have accurate perspective, rather than the distorted subjectivity that can assail us all. Order your alcohol tests from CMM Technology today and that way you can test suspicious workers at any time if they show up to work acting inebriated. Employee drug testing is right on schedule as one of the most useful tools used by a business administration on its workers. CMM Technology is here for you and your business goals today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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