Kindness on the Jobsite

Drug & Alcohol Test,Drug & Alcohol TestingThe jobsite is the source of income for everyone employed, it is how clients and customers receive their goods or services for which they are paying, and it is where most of your employees spend most of their days. Clearly, this is any important place which must be treated with respect. Part of caring for your jobsite is caring for each other. Often, after years of service, coworkers bond and grow close, being a sort of secondary family to each other. The jobsite holds many opportunities to learn more about employers, managers, staff members, etc. and it is even sometimes where office romance blooms and grows. In hazardous industries, sometimes situations arise where coworkers help each other out, save each other’s lives, or simply share similar problems on the jobsite. Friendships can often grow out of working with someone over time. Often, employers who are aware of this close bonding feel that that is enough to keep everyone in line, that it is not necessary to use employee drug testing, because surely none of them would be likely to put their own jobs in jeopardy.

This is not true. Drug and alcohol testing alleviates the need to get personal and make it about someone in particular, unless they really are failing their drug tests, in which case they are fired for scientific reasons, not because you are picking especially on them. Nobody can deny the efficacy and validity of a drug test, whereas your personality may seem like the reason for their unemployment if you do not back up your suspicions. In other words, drug and alcohol screening on the jobsite is part of being kind and it is a form of gentle employee handling. If their employment was based solely upon how well your personalities work together, then that is discrimination and can be cause for complaint or even a lawsuit. Drug and alcohol testing eliminates this prejudice or appearance of prejudice and allows you to conduct business without getting personal.

CMM Technology supports kindness in the workplace and supports the use of non-personal, non-targeted drug testing and an alcohol breathalyser testing for your employees. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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