Keeping Your Money and Your Friends Separate

Keeping Your Money and Your Friends SeparatePart of being friends with someone involves the give-and-take process. You must be willing to give some of your time, resources and attention to your friend, as well as take their contributions. If you are unable to engage in this give-and-take process, then you may be seen as either a doormat or too proud and arrogant.

Whatever happens, there is a limit to what you can give to your friends. Anyone who demands what they cannot give in return is engaging in partially dysfunctional behavior. There must be an even trade in resources and friendship. Protecting your money when your buddies come calling can be one of the wisest decisions you engage in.

The same applies for companies. When a business distributes more than it pulls in, then it can quickly go broke. That is obviously not the correct way of doing business. You must be able to contribute to your employees a proper compensation for their time and work, but no one should be asking you to give them twice as much as what they actually contribute. This is why, even though managers and executives may trust and really enjoy the company of their employees, they still engage in employee drug testing. It is the responsible thing to do. Our ToxSure saliva drug test is the proof of this. Our LifeLoc FC10 breathalyser is also evidence. We pride ourselves on our adulterant tests built right in to our drug test kits. We think that drug testing in Western Australia is better because of our products, and we are prepared to prove it to anyone who is interested.

Employees must be fit for duty, no matter how much you trust them or have made them your friends, and this involves passing urine drug tests and breathalyser results. Some companies use oral fluid drug tests, and we provide those, as well. We really enjoy how many companies consider us a reliable source for drug test equipment.

Keeping your money and your friends separate is best for both your asset protection and all of your friendships. Obviously, if someone is allowed to take advantage of you, the two of you are not friends anymore. Set a business standard with employee drug testing. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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