Keeping Secrets on the Job

Urine Drug Test, Chain Of Custody,  Pre ScreeningUnless you are a member of a government intelligence organization, keeping secrets on the job is not part of your work duties. In fact, you must watch and be very careful to pick and choose whose secrets you keep. Why is this relevant? It is important because transparency is the goal of the highest, most successful companies on earth, and transparency within the company is achieved by honesty in each and every employee. Workplace drug testing has a goal of making your business one of the highest ranking members of its industry by facilitating honesty and responsibility. Employee drug and alcohol testing is crucial in maintaining a spirit of openness and growth among your staff.

While drug tests and breathalyser tests do not always receive the most positive reactions from those who must take them, they are necessary to achieve success. They seek out the truth and give you scientific results from their data. Employee pre screening tests can be taken back to laboratory for further testing if a non-negative result is obtained on your jobsite. Why all of this talk about truth and lies? Secrets serve a purpose but, like any tool, they can be kept for both creative and destructive reasons. People lie to gain, cover or protect. All three of these reasons apply to workplace drug testing and why employees may not be forthcoming about their current or past addictions.

Staff members who wish to gain a solid positive reputation around their bosses are far less likely to bring up the subject of drug abuse or alcoholism so that they are not perceived in a distorted light. Employees who are currently abusing drugs or alcohol wish to cover their tracks and continue both in their work and in their substance abuse, and the result is lying by omission or by refusing to take a drug test or breathalyser test. Finally, employees who wish to protect their jobs and even protect their families will lie to hide both current and past addiction. Also, they could be lying to protect the addiction itself.

CMM Technology understands that everyone must keep a secret or two in order to gain further privacy in their lives. We provide drug and alcohol testing equipment for those secrets which should not be kept at work and which will cost the company revenue or reputation. Call our experts today to ask us about our Lion, Medix and Oraline products: (+61) 1300 79 70 30

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